The STEP (Striving Toward Educational Proficiency) Academy offers an alternative to the traditional school setting. The program is designed to improve graduation rates and serve students who need education outside the confines of a typical school day. The goal of this program is to reach out to students whose unique circumstances make it difficult to operate efficiently in the fast-paced environment of a traditional high school setting.


Students are required to meet the state’s regulated 24 diploma credits, including 16 academic credits and eight electives. In order to do so, they receive help from educators that develop personalized paths towards graduation with flexible scheduling to suit each individual student.


Some students are faced with unique circumstances during their high school years. Whether that means facing a challenging health issue or being given an opportunity to train full-time for the Olympics, the STEP Academy is here to make sure that every student has the opportunity to graduate, even if they are unable to attend regular classes on Gadsden City’s campus.


There is no cost for participating in the STEP program.

Main Takeaway

If a student is facing a unique set of challenges, parents need not give up on the dream of a high school education.  The STEP Academy may be able to help.

Who to Contact

Craig Hines, STEP Academy Coordinator,, 256-543-3614