These Titans Will Be Ready!

High school graduates across the country are facing an increasingly challenging environment. Fortunately for local students like the ones highlighted here, Gadsden City Schools has responded to these growing challenges by introducing innovative curriculums designed to give Gadsden City students substantial advantages.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the future.  Watch these videos for ideas on how Gadsden City can help you Be Ready.

High School

Javian Bowman – Ace Academy/Dual Enrollment

Amayah Ash – Pre-Engineering Academy

Jarod Hyde (J.D.) – HVACR Technology

Emily Snow – Health Science Academy

Hayden Hopper – Education & Training Academy

Etienna Cameron – Cosmetology

Middle School

Cole Hill - Extra Curricular Activities

Kayli Smith – Leadership Opportunities

Kelvin Hutchinson – Pre AP Classes

Elementary School

Ansley Kate Holland – Accelerated Reading Program

Willany Sayles – Technology

Daylon Beaube – Family Environment