The Health Science Academy allows students to concentrate their high school coursework in the direction of a potential career in health science.


In order to participate, students must complete an application process. Students are evaluated on their written application, a two-page essay, grade point average, discipline history, attendance history and teacher recommendations.


Students have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing, mentoring, internships, medical research opportunities, career exploration, and volunteering. During their time in the Health Science Academy, students receive AHA (American Heart Association) Heart Saver Certification, AHA BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification and have the opportunity to become an AHA Instructor.

Main Takeaway

For students interested in any type of medical-related career, the GCHS Health Science Academy will give them an unparalleled, in-depth introduction to the field of medicine. Students will also have a wealth of real-world experience they can refer to as they apply for jobs in the workforce or for additional training or college programs. Graduates often go on to pursue careers as physicians, dentists, nurses, lab techs, x-ray techs, pharmacists, and more.

Who to Contact

Staci Gardner, Health Science Coordinator, (256)-543-3614,