Early Admission refers to high school students who have been approved by their high school counselor and administration to enroll in University of Alabama courses while they are still attending high school. The difference between early admission and dual enrollment is that while dual enrollment gives you high school credits, the courses offered are limited.  With Early Admission, students can take even more college coursework as long as they meet the requirements. However, no high school credits are awarded.


These students must have completed required coursework for certain high school credits for the subjects they are enrolling in at the University of Alabama. It is also necessary to meet the requirements made by the University of Alabama. They must have completed 10th grade with a “B” average. Also, they must have fulfilled all required credits in the course subject they are anticipating taking at a college level.


Early Admission allows students to take an even broader array of coursework at The University of Alabama.  By the time students graduate high school, they have already made significant strides toward completing their freshman year college credits.


Cost for each course is the current tuition rate at Gadsden State, which is currently $136 per credit hour.

Main Takeaway

If a GCHS student would like to take higher level college courses at The University of Alabama, they can do so through the early admission program.

Who to Contact

Gadsden City High School Counselors Office, 256-543-3614