Michael Garmon

Two different degrees or pathways are offered in the Electronics/Robotics field. The first is an Operator/Technician, which is a two-year Associate’s Degree. The second is an Engineer, which is a four-year Bachelor’s Degree. The goal of the Gadsden City Electronics/Robotics program is to introduce and prepare the students for each career path.

Coursework Includes:

  1. Digital Electronics: DC- This course introduces DC circuit analysis. Topics include: voltage, current, and power in series, parallel, and series parallel. AC – A study of Alternating Current. Digital – A study of machine language or how machines communicate (interface).
  2. Introduction to Robotics: This course provides an introduction for students preparing to work in the environments using Robotics. Topics include Safety, Service, Repair, and Programming Applications.
  3. Robotics Applications: This course is the continuation of Introduction to Robotics, and applies the basic concepts to Industry.
  4. Introduction to Manufacturing: This course provides entry level exposure and career exploration in the manufacturing industry.

Basic AC ETA (Electronics Association)

Median Salary

  • Electronic Technician – $44,500
  • Electronic Engineer – $62,500
  • Robotics Technician – $55,000
  • Robotics Engineer – $75,000